To All Our Friends and Supporters: 

Until further notice, our downtown office located at 536 4th Avenue is closed as a result of a fuel oil spill. 

In addition, our annual Festival of Trees (FOT) fundraiser has been cancelled due to problems related tothe spill. We are no longer accepting applications for partner families at this time as well. 

In late September we requested fuel to be delivered to our downtown office from our regular fuel supplier. Unfortunately, there was an accident that immediately caused us to evacuate the building and notify ADEC. The building and its contents have been damaged. Our FOT Christmas trees and decorations were stored in the building and are now unusable.

Thank you for your understanding and support during this difficult time in our organization's history. With your help and God's blessings, your Habitat for Humanity will emerge healthy and ready to further our mission of decent, affordable housing for everyone.